EduHub stands out as the most versatile and powerful online education platform available in Sri Lanka. Our overarching goal is to offer a world-class education to everyone in Sri Lanka by seamlessly connecting students with their teachers.

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EduHub sets itself apart from other similar systems by providing a robust platform that enables teachers, students, management, and all stakeholders to collaborate and contribute to an unparalleled learning experience.

Here are some of the remarkable benefits that EduHub offers:

Cost-Effective: With EduHub, there is no need for additional infrastructure, making it an affordable option for both teachers and institutions. This allows them to save costs that they would have otherwise incurred if they chose other platforms or built their own Learning Management System.

24/7 Access to Academic Data: Students can log in to the portal at any time and access all academic-related data, such as eBooks, curriculum details, lecture notes, and the online library.

Monitoring of Students by Parents and Teachers: By signing up for an account on our system, parents and teachers can access all the details of their students as they please. They can view pertinent records such as grades, test scores, attendance, and progress reports to plan and take action to help students overcome academic hurdles.

Blogging Page: EduHub provides options for students and teachers to showcase their writing, publishing articles and papers, and displaying their photography and videography skills.

Future Planning: With dedicated sections for placement and exam details, EduHub paves a strong foundation for each student's future.

Online Classes: Students have access to real-time classes from renowned teachers across Sri Lanka and overseas through EduHub's online classes feature.

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